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Color Me Cool Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Color Me Cool Eggs Easter Egg Decorating Kit is the most unique product in Easter Egg dying developed over the past 135 years. Never before has it been possible to design an Easter Egg in 1, 2 ,3 or more colors. This is due to our patent pending Egg Paste and color enhancer developed over a period of 5 years.

Place a few drops of our color enhancer in with the color and watch the color of your egg be a perfect solid color! Truly a remarkable achievement in the coloring of Easter Eggs.

Combined with our unique stickers and adhesive, you will create one of a kind creative designs as never before. Review all our products offered to make the best Easter Eggs ever.

Our Egg Holder below, allows you to make the perfect egg designs. It allows additional coloring without damaging your original design. This is something not possible with other coloring kits. The plastic glasses are perfectly sized for our egg dipper and "food safe" black marker are a fantastic way to highlight your design. Dye away!

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Egg Holder

Our Egg Holder Set is a must to create the perfect Color Me Cool Eggs. The four notches on the side of the holder is designed to hold your egg securely in the plastic glass when dying. The egg can be either fully or partially submerged. This feature allows for more creative egg designs.

Four Dying Egg Stands are provided to allow you to keep working on another egg while the freshly dyed egg is drying. Simply disconnect the handle from the drying stand, snap on a new one and keep working. The Dying Egg Stands are designed to be used in a vertical or horizontal position.

Use the Egg Drying Stands to free up the Egg Dying Stands and allow your egg to dry evenly. No more placing the dyed egg on a cardboard cutout or napkin and ruining the design. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination. Color Me Cool Eggs will unleash your creativity and you will be amazed at your own designs. All our products are non-toxic.

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Plastic Glasses

To obtain the most pristine eggs, there are two things that you need, 1: Our egg holder and 2: Our plastic glasses that are designed to be the perfect size for our egg holder. We have designed the perfect sized plastic glasses in a set of 10. This will allow you to take our 7 colors provided in the kit and actually mix 3 custom colors such as a skin tone and utilize those colors in the 3 extra plastic glasses provided.

What new colors and new designs will you come up with? We hope you enjoy the excitement in finding out!

Why Should I order this product early?

Our production starts in September 2019. The basis for what is produced will be determined by early orders. We are a new product far superior to anything on the market today. Do you want your kids to experience the coolest Easter Egg Dying Kit?
Order early....We guarantee delivery at your home no later than April 3, 2020

Are you going to be available in stores?

We will be available in some stores for Easter 2020. We are a new product and store availability is limited. Remember, we are competing against egg companies that have been dying eggs for 135 years. Very poorly, but still a long time!


We are currently set up to fulfill all internet orders.


Is the product safe?

Our product is 100% safe, using only FDA Food Safe Dyes, Food Safe Ingredients ingredients in our Egg Paste and FDA Approved Adhesives in our unique sticker sheet.


Questions/Comments on your order

We are 100% focused on completing and fulfilling all production orders. If you have a question about your existing order, please email us at We will get back with you as soon as possible. This Easter will be the most enjoyable egg dying experience you have ever had! WE GUARANTEE it will be worth the wait!